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The Issue Of Soft Tissue Injuries In Car Accidents

Individuals injured in motor vehicle accidents may sustain a variety of injuries ranging from minor injuries to critical or fatal injuries. People generally believe that high-impact collisions are the only ones that result in serious injuries but this is not always the case. Victims of low-impact collisions sometimes suffer from debilitating injuries. The human body is a composed of complex constituents that include vulnerable soft tissue in muscles, tendons and ligaments. There are 2 basic categories of soft tissue injuries that are acute injuries and overuse injuries. Acute injuries are caused by sudden trauma, such as a fall, twist or… Read More

Common Reasons Insurance Companies Do Not Pay Fairly For Injury Claims

When you faithfully pay your insurance premiums, it’s reasonable to expect that any claim you make will be processed in a timely fashion. However, insurance companies have become cynical money-grubbing entities, and to keep costs down, they are often reluctant to pay when you file a claim for accident-related expenses. Even though it is usually an at-fault driver’s company that you have to fight with, sometimes it’s your own PIP or med-pay coverage that causes you problems. You should seek a good personal injury attorney’s advice about your claim, so you can maximize the monetary recovery available to you, but… Read More

How To Find The Best Insurance Claim Adjuster In Miami

If your home is facing any minor smoke damage or small mishap, however, if your home is facing serious losses such as damages from natural calamities. An insurance claim adjuster will survey the damages and estimate the cost and help in filing an insurance claim. Following are the qualities of best insurance claim adjuster that you must consider while searching for them. Good Communication The best insurance claim adjusters must possess the quality of dealing with people. The adjuster will treat the people in a good manner whether sad, happy, angry or doubtful. The insurance claim adjusters are the one… Read More

Understanding Causes Of Slip & Fall Accidents

Thousands of people are injured annually due to slip and fall accidents. The injury caused by a slip and fall can vary from a minor bump to something serious like a traumatic brain injury or even God forbid, death. In order to prevent slip and fall accidents from occurring it is obvious that we should be thoroughly knowledgeable about the causes of these accidents. Causes of slip and fall accidents vary as well from uneven floor surfaces to nursing home neglect. Some of the most common causes of slip and fall accidents are: Wet or Uneven Floor Surfaces  According to… Read More

What Are Alternatives To Health Insurance If You Cannot Afford It?

Looking forward towards staying away from unforeseen, catastrophic circumstances, and high medical bills, preferring getting a health insurance is the way to go about it. However, considering the loss of job amongst more people by the day, along with unemployment rates going high, insurance companies tend to cancel their coverage. Moreover, the high costs of insurance policies that break the scale, many have started staying away from insurance policies for themselves and their families. However, if you are among those people who cannot pay for and afford health insurance, this news might be a relief for most of you. It… Read More

Samples of Our Work Product — Part 4

At the risk of stating the obvious, we all know that accidents can happen anywhere, at anytime. And while a majority of personal injury claims stem from traffic accidents, we have seen quite a rise in the number of claims occurring in gyms and health/fitness clubs. One of the favorite “tricks of the trade” these facilities use to weasel out of accountability for their negligence is to slip exculpatory language into the fine print of your membership contract. In other words, the health club will effectively force you to sign a contract which contains language purporting to release them from… Read More

Samples of Our Work Product — Part 3

When you choose Dreyer & Mazaheri as your law firm, you are choosing experienced lawyers who have handled cases in diverse areas of the law.  In particular, vaccine injury cases are highly specialized matters which can only be handled by attorneys who are licensed in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims.  Dain Dreyer is licensed in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, and he is familiar with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) a/k/a the “vaccine court.”  The NVICP establishes the legal framework through which a claimant must maneuver in order to seek compensation for most vaccine injuries. If… Read More

Importance Of Insurance Services

Insurance is known as a process of protecting the assets of individuals from loss or improbability. Actually it is a tool of reducing or eradicating the uncertainty of the loss to an asset or human life. Insurance provides protection against sudden loss: Insurance is a key to provide financial provision and lessen the risks in life, business and assets. It offers security and safety besides specific happening. There is a constant terror of unexpected damage. Insurance aids in shielding against the uncertain losses. For instant, if any individual who passes away has availed the life insurance option, the family of… Read More

Samples of Our Work Product — Part 2

The previous post provided an example of a case wherein the insurance company admitted that its insured was 100% at fault, yet was quibbling over the amount of damages which would adequately compensate him. However, we often encounter cases wherein the insurance company is denying liability on the part of its insured from the outset. The following letter was submitted to an insurance company which vociferously denied that its insured was at-fault in a car wreck. Our client was traveling southbound on Wetmore Road, and the at-fault driver (of a large bus) turned in front of us from a private… Read More

Samples of Our Work Product — Part 1

Greetings, and welcome to our inaugural blog post at! Although it seems to have become a bit of a lost art in this day and age, the attorneys here at Dreyer & Mazaheri take great pride in our persuasive writing skills. We feel that our excellence in this area sets us apart from other law firms, and continually garners the respect that our clients are due from insurance adjusters, opposing counsel, judges, mediators, and all other pertinent decision-makers. Thus, we have decided to devote our initial blog posts to providing our website visitors with samples of our written work… Read More

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