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In a perfect world, everyone would get exactly what they pay for. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world. Nowhere is this more evident than when you must deal with your insurance company. You can pay premium after premium for years to financially protect yourself against an injury or catastrophe, only to have your insurance company deny your claim when one finally happens.

The whole point of an insurance company is to cover you if something bad happens. This is the only reason why we pay insurance premiums. But when it comes time for insurance companies to step in and fulfill their own obligations, they drag their feet and look for any way possible to avoid providing the financial protection they said they’d provide. It doesn’t matter how they said they treat their policyholders, when they were trying to get you to sign up for their insurance: When it comes time for them to step forward and honor your claim, you’ll realize that they are just another business, out to make money. And one great way for them to make money is to pay as little as possible to cover claims.

Here’s a crucial fact that insurance companies don’t want you to know: Denials of an insurance claim do not have to be the end of the story. Insurance companies deny legitimate claims all the time, telling policyholders across the state of Texas that they have to pay millions of dollars each year in claims that the insurance company should be honoring. They do this because they know that very few policyholders fight a denial. When nearly everyone accepts a claim denial and meekly pay out of pocket, even though the insurance company should be honoring a claim, it’s no wonder they deny so many legitimate claims – denying them means they’re making more money.

Here’s another fact that insurance companies don’t want you to know: If your insurance company violates the Texas Insurance Code when it denies your claim, you might be legally entitled to statutory penalties, treble damages, and attorney’s fees. This Code can be violated in a variety of ways, including withholding your benefits without a just cause, or by simply undervaluing a claim. Fighting against an insurance claim denial, therefore, has the potential to lead to much more than just your insurance company having to honor your original claim – it can lead to significant penalties that go straight into your pocket.

If your insurance claim has been denied, it is possible to fight it in court, and the law firm of Dreyer & Mazaheri is well equipped to represent you in a battle against an insurance carrier. Contact us online or call our law office at (210) 239-9420, for more information.

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