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Experiencing whatever you experienced that is the crux of your family law case is extremely stressful. Managing the emotional challenges you will most likely undergo is even more trying. Dreyer & Mazaheri, PLLC. fights for you and all of San Antonio, Texas, to see justice in your family law case.

Some Basics About Family Law

Family law is composed of a vast range of case types. Our family lawyers leverage their abilities to deliver the results you need by focusing on the following:


This is the process of legally having a marriage dissolved and ended. It can be a harrowing experience. We make every effort to communicate that we understand this to you over and above delivering the highest quality service for your case that we can.

Besides being painful, these cases can quickly become complicated in several ways. Several other parties must participate in mediation if a spouse contests a divorce.

One misstep can add countless dollars and hours to your case’s processing time. Partnering with one of our divorce lawyers is a great way to ensure this does not happen.

Spousal Support

Spousal support is technically distinct from divorce, although if you are going through a divorce, there is a good chance you will also have a spousal support case. These two types of cases are often conflated due to this reality.

A lawyer for spousal support from Dreyer & Mazaheri, PLLC. will help you demonstrate that you fulfill the state’s requirements to be eligible for spousal support. These requirements include:

  • Being a spouse;
    • Living with another but not being married to them disqualifies you in the eyes of state law.
  • Not having adequate property to provide for your minimum reasonable needs;
  • Meeting one of the four statutory bases for support.

Modification Of Court Orders

A family law matters attorney from Dreyer & Mazaheri, PLLC. can help you arrange for court orders to be modified accurately and quickly. These issues are very involved to begin with and can quickly become even more complicated, requiring a considerable amount of time and attention to detail, on top of a deep understanding of Texas law and the language it uses. This language may come off as foreign to you since words are used in very different ways from spoken English. Our expertise will be the difference between dragging your case on while incurring more expenses and wrapping things up promptly.

Child Custody

Perhaps the most challenging legal concern is when children are involved. Unfortunately, the painful reality of no longer having full custody of your children does not remove the fact that surrounding matters must be resolved in court. One of our child custody lawyers will help you during this trying time and strive to get you the ideal arrangement. We also have child support attorneys that do the same when financial support is in question.

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