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Business litigation is a multi-faceted field, and can include numerous areas of the law in a single case. Despite the breadth of knowledge that it takes to ensure a successful outcome in a business litigation situation, Dreyer & Mazaheri has proven to be a formidable team, both in and out of the courtroom.

Whether you need experienced legal counsel to defend your company against legal threats or claims, or you need an attorney to go on the offensive to protect your firm’s interests, Dreyer & Mazaheri has the knowledge and experience to get what you need. Our combined proficiency in all aspects of business litigation and our superior skills in a courtroom will truly make the difference in your business litigation case. The difference between success and failure, that is.

While Dreyer & Mazaheri handles all types of business litigation situations, we pride ourselves on our ability to effectively resolve disputes that involve:

  • Breach of contract claims: If a party to a contract doesn’t follow through on their obligations, then they can get sued for a breach of contract. Regardless of whether you want to sue for breach of contract, or whether you’ve being sued for it, Dreyer & Mazaheri can help.
  • Bankruptcy proceedings: Running out of money for your business can be a nightmare, but a bankruptcy can help, if done properly. Whether you’re interested in Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or another type of bankruptcy, Dreyer & Mazaheri can guide you through the process.
  • Insurance litigation: Insurance companies work quickly and efficiently, when they process your premium. When it comes time to protect you, though, it can be another story. Dreyer & Mazaheri understands how to take insurance companies to court, to make them do what they promised.
  • Mortgage foreclosures: If your business owns property, but fails to make payments on a mortgage, the property can go into foreclosure and cripple your business. Dreyer & Mazaheri can protect your company’s interests in the foreclosure proceeding, and bring it back to life.
  • Business formation and dissolution issues: Things are at their most complex, when your business is just getting started, or when it’s wrapping up. Hiring Dreyer & Mazaheri ensures that everything is done properly.
  • Business torts: In business, it can be difficult to determine if someone is committing fraud, or misrepresentation. Dreyer & Mazaheri can investigate, and help you protect your company’s interests.

While many other law firms represent businesses by avoiding court at all times, Dreyer & Mazaheri understand that a reputation of being willing to go all the way to trial leads to far better results. Arguing cases in front of a judge and jury has become commonplace for the attorneys in our firm, and the courtroom has become our second home. Other business litigation firms spend so much time avoiding court that they’re awkward in it – they’re out of practice, and unfamiliar with new developments in the process. Because of this, Dreyer & Mazaheri are formidable foes in court, allowing us to serve our clients even more effectively.

Dreyer & Mazaheri’s ability to succeed in court is only strengthened by our high level of preparation and intense effort outside of it. We take care to understand your business, its strengths, and its interests — and then leverage that information in formulating a litigation strategy.

If your company is having its interests threatened or violated, you need strong legal counsel to make sure that its rights and assets are protected, and its interests advanced. Dreyer & Mazaheri is the law firm that can get this done. Call our San Antonio law office at (210) 239-9420 so we can start developing a plan to turn your legal problem into a business solution.

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