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Samples of Our Work Product — Part 4

At the risk of stating the obvious, we all know that accidents can happen anywhere, at anytime. And while a majority of personal injury claims stem from traffic accidents, we have seen quite a rise in the number of claims occurring in gyms and health/fitness clubs. One of the favorite “tricks of the trade” these facilities use to weasel out of accountability for their negligence is to slip exculpatory language into the fine print of your membership contract. In other words, the health club will effectively force you to sign a contract which contains language purporting to release them from… Read More

Samples of Our Work Product — Part 3

When you choose Dreyer & Mazaheri as your law firm, you are choosing experienced lawyers who have handled cases in diverse areas of the law.  In particular, vaccine injury cases are highly specialized matters which can only be handled by attorneys who are licensed in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims.  Dain Dreyer is licensed in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, and he is familiar with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) a/k/a the “vaccine court.”  The NVICP establishes the legal framework through which a claimant must maneuver in order to seek compensation for most vaccine injuries. If… Read More

Samples of Our Work Product — Part 2

The previous post provided an example of a case wherein the insurance company admitted that its insured was 100% at fault, yet was quibbling over the amount of damages which would adequately compensate him. However, we often encounter cases wherein the insurance company is denying liability on the part of its insured from the outset. The following letter was submitted to an insurance company which vociferously denied that its insured was at-fault in a car wreck. Our client was traveling southbound on Wetmore Road, and the at-fault driver (of a large bus) turned in front of us from a private… Read More

Samples of Our Work Product — Part 1

Greetings, and welcome to our inaugural blog post at! Although it seems to have become a bit of a lost art in this day and age, the attorneys here at Dreyer & Mazaheri take great pride in our persuasive writing skills. We feel that our excellence in this area sets us apart from other law firms, and continually garners the respect that our clients are due from insurance adjusters, opposing counsel, judges, mediators, and all other pertinent decision-makers. Thus, we have decided to devote our initial blog posts to providing our website visitors with samples of our written work… Read More

Forget Santa’s Sleigh! Uber Connect Could Send Your Christmas Presents

If you’ve opened the Uber app recently, there’s a good chance you’ve seen a new “package” option near the food icon. No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you; Uber is now entering the package delivery space!   Well, to get technical, Uber “entered” the delivery game in April of 2020. That’s when the company first unveiled its Uber Connect feature in a few US cities.   Now that Christmas is just around the corner, Uber decided to expand its Connect feature to about 2,400 cities worldwide. In fact, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi recently nicknamed the Connect feature “UberSanta!” In addition to the USA, some… Read More

The Difference Between Sexual Exploitation of a Minor Cases & Sexual Conduct with a Minor Cases

There are a variety of different types of sex crimes that all require different sorts of defenses and can carry a many levels of severity regarding punishment. Despite this, many sex crimes have similar names and sound at first to be similar crimes but in reality they are entirely distinct under the law. For this reason it is important to distinguish between them and today we will look at the difference between Sexual Exploitation of a Minor & Sexual Conduct with a Minor. We will begin with Sexual Exploitation of a Minor cases. They are classified as a class 2… Read More

The Most Common Injuries From Car Accidents

Regardless of whether car accidents are caused by human errors or mechanical failures, they are dangerous. Unfortunately, car accidents are very prevalent and cause injuries, with the injuries being as varied as the actual accidents themselves. As such, each car accident can cause injuries that are very unique to individual accidents victims. On the flip side, accidents can cause a variety of injuries that are very common to accidents victims. Herein we will explore some of the common injuries that car accident victims can suffer from. Common Injuries That Arise From Car Accidents #1. Concussion – In an accident where… Read More

How to Approach Car Accident Claims

For Instance, New York City isn’t actually known for the number of car accidents and associated fatalities but the number is often way too large to discard as an oversight. Although the fatalities comprise a small percentage of the overall figures i.e. almost 135,000 impacts in 2016 alone, a majority of these accidents lead to significant damages to property and physical health.  They are often caused by inexperienced drivers who are in a hurry to get from point A to point B, or who forget to pay attention to traffic signs, and often end up on the wrong side of… Read More

Difference between Homicide, Murder, and Manslaughter

Homicide, murder, and manslaughter are three words that can make a person’s blood curl, as each of them essentially involves taking someone’s life. While watching or listening to the news, one might assume that all three words are used interchangeably. However, when murders are defined by degrees and the alleged killers receive contrasting penalties, it may create confusion in one’s mind. Even though each term implies that someone was killed at the hands of the defendant, the punishment varies with regard to motive, intention, purpose, and protocol of execution. Learning the difference between the three terms shall resolve your concerns:… Read More

The Cash Back Mortgage Fraud Scheme

There are a variety of different schemes that people use in order to profit off of the mortgage market, and one of the most common is the use of a cash back mortgage fraud scheme, also known as the kickback scheme. The main idea of a cash back mortgage scheme is when someone poses as a homebuyer, “investor” for our purposes, makes an offer on a home higher than the asking price so that they can get a loan from a mortgage lender at that higher price. Later on, however, the investor will end up paying the seller whatever the… Read More