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Who We Are

Dreyer & Mazaheri is a full­service law firm with a primary focus on the representation of plaintiffs in personal injury matters, and individuals on the verge of separation or divorce. We also stand ready to assist you in the areas of business litigation and insurance claims/coverage.

Our Philosophy

With vigor and integrity, the attorneys and staff of Dreyer & Mazaheri work toward one goal – to win. Sometimes, winning can mean obtaining fair compensation for individuals, families, and companies who have been injured by the negligence or wrongful business practices of others. At other times, winning can mean achieving a fair and equitable dissolution of a marriage that has become irretrievably broken. But at all times, winning your trust and confidence is our top priority.

We are proud of the American system of justice and its protection of each individual's right to seek redress for the negligent conduct of others – and we are dedicated to achieving full justice for our clients.

Our Approach

A very small percentage of cases go all the way to a jury trial. Rather, many result in settlements between the parties – sometimes before a lawsuit is even filed, or sometimes on the proverbial "courthouse steps." We have learned that preparing our cases as if each one will go to trial is the best approach. Just as importantly, our opponents (insurance companies and other attorneys) have learned that if our firm takes a case we will be prepared to litigate it in front of a judge or jury if a fair settlement and/or resolution is not offered. As a result, we carry somewhat lower caseloads than our peers because we prepare each case for trial, not for settlement. This recognition in the legal community – that we are always prepared to go to trial – results in our clients being taken more seriously, and serious consideration results in serious settlements and resolutions.

Free initial consultation in all non­-Family Law matters

We offer a free initial consultation in all matters other than family law.

Our Promise to You

We involve you as a partner in making important decisions that impact your life. We listen and we are responsive to your stated needs. We want to be your lifelong law partners to help address and solve any personal or professional needs you may encounter in life. And above all, we appreciate the trust and confidence our clients extend to us, and look forward to serving your legal needs.