5 Ways to Determine the Best Personal Injury Attorney

Hiring an attorney to help you with your personal injury case is a huge step. You need to be sure that the attorney you choose is the right fit for you. It is not an easy decision to make, but it is the right one.

Your attorney will be able to help you with any matter arising out of your personal injury case, whether it be from a claim or a dispute. This means that you can have an attorney present in your case to answer questions and provide a solution. Our personal injury lawyers have been on the front lines representing people in personal injury cases since 1991.

If you have any questions about a personal injury case or want to speak with an attorney, you can reach us at our office in  Fort Worth. Our experienced personal injury attorneys will be happy to help you. 

No one wishes to hire a personal injury attorney. Looking for one means you have suffered an injury in your life, and you want a company or individual to be held responsible.

In cases of serious injury, an attorney will make a difference. With the right experience and proper background, you can win your case. Here are five ways to determine the best personal injury attorney.

1.Choose a Lawyer with a specialty in Personal Injury

A lawyer who specializes in personal injury is well versed with the practices and specialized rules involved in personal injury. Other lawyers who deal with wills, divorces and bankruptcies cannot handle your case effectively. You risk losing your case if you don’t pick an attorney who is specialized in personal injury law. If you have received a claim for personal injury, your attorney will need to handle your case and will not need to be paid until the case is resolved.

2.Pick a lawyer who has won personal injury cases

If you have a big case that involves a serious injury, your attorney needs to deliver a huge settlement. You can ask your attorney the number of settlements and verdicts he has won.

Knowing the specifics and outcomes of the cases your attorney has won helps you know if the attorney will deliver. If the lawyer has never won a personal injury case, the chances of winning your case are slim.

3.Choose a Lawyer with Resources that Can Help You Win Your case

The attorney you hire needs to have enough resources to win your case. It can include investigators and a team of expert lawyers if the firm is big.

Investigators can work tirelessly to ensure they have all details that will be used in court. With skilled investigators, key evidence that will substantiate your claim of injury will be tabled. Hiring an attorney with an established firm is likely to have skilled investigators, unlike hiring an attorney who is starting.

4.What are their Rates?

You need to select a personal injury attorney within your budget. Some attorney’s charge hourly fees, others insist on pay before they represent you while others can be paid on a contingency basis.

Contingency basis payment which means that you only pay once you win may seem ideal for many. The attorney will, however, take lots of cash from your win. You are however confident of winning the case with this arrangement

5.Your Attorney should be easily accessible

Your best personal attorney should be easily accessible. If your lawyer is a local, they will be familiar with the surroundings of your injury. You can also conveniently visit their office anytime you need to check on the progress of your case.

Your attorney can have a small reliable firm which is ideal since your case will be given due attention. On the other hand, a big law firm has many cases. It becomes difficult for your attorney to give your case personal attention.


Communication is vital, and it is a two way highway between you and your lawyer. If you have a simple injury case, you have to be patient and communicate with your attorney. It’s important to understand the very specific facts of your case, so you can understand how to best protect yourself. It is also important to communicate with your attorney well in advance of your trial. This will ensure that you have a knowledgeable attorney to help you through your case, and will help you avoid any unnecessary delays.

Once you have determined that the attorney you choose is best suited for personal injury, you can sue with confidence. The attorney needs to be a good communicator. You get confidence that they will represent you well. You can expect a judgement rule that favors you or a good settlement.

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