The Most Common Injuries From Car Accidents

Regardless of whether car accidents are caused by human errors or mechanical failures, they are dangerous. Unfortunately, car accidents are very prevalent and cause injuries, with the injuries being as varied as the actual accidents themselves. As such, each car accident can cause injuries that are very unique to individual accidents victims. On the flip side, accidents can cause a variety of injuries that are very common to accidents victims.

Herein we will explore some of the common injuries that car accident victims can suffer from.

Common Injuries That Arise From Car Accidents

#1. Concussion – In an accident where the car occupants’ heads are thrown back and forth, suffering from a concussion is a big possibility. This is a very common injury as its occurrence is not explicitly linked with your head coming into contact with a head surface. Just being jolted around in the car during the accident is enough to compress the brain within the skull. This could result in loss of consciousness. As such, in case you experience a lack of focus, memory loss, or memory lapses, you should seek medical attention.

#2. Soft Tissue Injuries Such As Whiplash – Soft tissue injuries affect the connective tissues. These will include ligaments, tendons, and muscles. A good example of soft tissue injuries is the whiplash injury, which typically affects the upper body, especially the neck. In this injury, the sudden stretch of the neck ligaments and muscles during an accident can result in pain, muscle tension and neck pain and stiffness.

 #3. Cuts And Scrapes – These are also very common car accidents injuries. The impact with the car and coming into contact with the various projectiles will cut and or scrape the skin. While they might seem like minor injuries, the openings caused by cuts can get infected, resulting in serious complications.

#4. Bone Fractures – Broken bones, for instance, broken fingers, arms, shoulders, legs, and even ribs are caused by a blunt force that you experience during a car crash. Although you might get fractures in any type of accident, you are especially vulnerable to such types of injuries in a rear-end collision. The impact of the car that thrust you forward causes your arms, legs, and other parts of the body to twist and even break, thereby causing fractures.

#5. Psychological Injuries – Whilst for the most part physical injuries are easy to detect, bar internal bleeding, psychological injuries are not easy to detect. Nonetheless, they still need professional medical care, especially should they persist. In the midst of the car accident, the sudden release of adrenaline will result in feeling anxious and or depressed. Typically, this should wear off almost immediately.

However, there are cases where such psychological problems, resulting in post-traumatic stress disorder. In other cases, you might experience psychological pain such as guilt, resulting in serious anxiety and depression. All these are serious mental ailments that should be dealt with through professional medical help. Never ignore psychological injuries.

Other common injuries that you might contend with when you are involved in a car accident include chest injuries such as broken ribs, internal bleeding, and musculoskeletal injuries.

In almost all the above cases, it is of critical importance (at least, if you care about your long-term health; which you should care about) that you get the injuries treated as soon as possible. The faster the injuries are treated, the faster you heal. Importantly, the faster you seek treatment more comprehensively you will recover.

Furthermore, you should keep a close eye on your health status. It is not enough to just get treatment. You need to track how your body is recovering from the injuries. Keep in mind, some symptoms arising from accident-related injuries complications are not always apparent. Paying close attention to your body and mind will help you catch any complication before it becomes dire.

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