How to Approach Car Accident Claims

For Instance, New York City isn’t actually known for the number of car accidents and associated fatalities but the number is often way too large to discard as an oversight. Although the fatalities comprise a small percentage of the overall figures i.e. almost 135,000 impacts in 2016 alone, a majority of these accidents lead to significant damages to property and physical health.  They are often caused by inexperienced drivers who are in a hurry to get from point A to point B, or who forget to pay attention to traffic signs, and often end up on the wrong side of the road, resulting in an accident.  The statistics of how many incidents occur each year are quite astounding.

The majority of the damage to property and physical health caused by accidents are caused by drivers who drive with little or no regard to the road signs and/or the surrounding environment.  To take just one example, a 5 mile stretch of highway in the Bronx was recently closed for reconstruction due to a large amount of damage to buildings and vehicles.  The reason given for the closure was the fact that drivers were ignoring safety signs and the surrounding area.  People who drive the route on a daily basis, not just the few who use the road regularly, are responsible for the failure to heed the warning signs and the accident that could have been avoided.  This is a serious issue that needs to be addressed at the very least.

As an example of the potentially dangerous behavior of many drivers, the same road in the Bronx was closed for reconstruction because drivers were ignoring a sign that said “NO PASSING”.  Explaining the problem, it was explained that the signs were too easy to miss, they were on the far side of the street, it was raining, and it was far from an overpass.  The fact that they were too easy to miss is indicative of the lack of consideration of the driver for the surrounding environment and the environment of the road.

It is not just accidents that cause so much damage to property and physical health, however.  Though it is the most common form of collision, vehicle collisions are not the only cause of car accidents and injuries to property and physical health.  The sheer volume of traffic that is produced in New York City is a significant contributor to the huge amount of accidents and injuries that occur each year.  It is estimated that in New York City, at any given time there are approximately 2.5 million cars on the roads every day. For these reasons, it’s important to approach accidents very very carefully.

How to approach an accident?

In case you are caught in the middle of a crash, it is advisable to wait for the emergency responders and seek medical attention at the earliest. The medical exposure is expected to come in handy with accident claims, allowing the recruited NYC car accident lawyer to use the extent of injury to put forth a sizable claim settlement quotation.

If you are injured during a car accident, you must seek medical attention immediately. This requires a medical certificate that you are in need of medical attention. This is done by filing an accident claim with the government.

The medical certificate will almost certainly be issued by a licensed physician. The medical certificate will be signed by a licensed physician, and be accompanied by a photograph of the injured party. The doctor will also need to sign any relevant documents, such as a release form or a waiver form. The medical certificate will also contain the name of the medical clinic in which the medical evaluation was done.

Moreover, even if the insurance company is unwilling to entertain your claim expectation and you end up moving to the court, delayed treatment can hurt your chances in front of a jury. Therefore, the first approach should always be to get medical assistance, stat.

The Importance of the Accident Report

A majority of lawsuits and claim settlement cases are won on the basis of police reports and proper projection of the accident. Therefore, you must immediately connect with the police and have them inspect every aspect of the mishap, including the vehicle positioning, nature of the injuries, type of impact, role of the accused, and other relevant details. However, you should not say or reveal anything that is self-incriminating and must interact with the police only in the presence of an attorney.

Understand Car Accident Laws

Regardless of the lawyer your hire, it is important to see whether he or she is well-versed with the US car accident laws or not. The first thing you need to consider is to file the claim before the statute expires or else you would lose your right to claim compensation. In most states, the statute extends up to three years from the accident date. However, for an untimely death, the statute deadline is two years which can be extended at the court’s declaration, in case new information comes to the light. Such a lawyer will carefully review all the facts and documents before the case is filed to ensure that the compensation amount is not affected by the conduct of the claim.

After all the necessary steps are taken, the lawyer will then negotiate the financial settlement.

It is important for you to follow the mentioned set of techniques and procedures to steer clear of a car accident in America whilst keeping your chances of procuring a sizable claim amount and other forms of compensation, alive.

Final thoughts

Making a claim for personal injury is a very complex task, and it is not easy to obtain an award within the time limit. The most important condition is that the claim must be made within a reasonable time, and the time limit should be considered to be at least three months.

Your claim can also be difficult to prove if there is no physical evidence. If there is no physical evidence to prove the injuries, then the claim can not be proven. Also, the financial settlement of personal injury cases is very important.

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